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Another Millennium? Yawn!

Happy New YearBy Robert Gillis
Published in the Foxboro Reporter, 1/2001

What if they gave a millennium and no one cared?

Unlike the galactic hype accompanying New Year’s Eve 2000, the dawn of the true millennium seemed almost a non-event. Besides the inevitable comparison of the predictions made in “2001: A Space odyssey” to the current world, even the media didn’t devote an enormous amount of coverage to this New Years.

In fact, New Year’s 2001 seemed such a non-event that the bigger news story was the blizzard that wasn’t.

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Y2K: January 1, 2000

Happy New Yearby Robert Gillis
Published in The Foxboro Reporter 1/2000

Well, we made it.

The lights are still on, the computers didn’t crash, the planes stayed in the sky, ATMs still gave us cash, the nuclear missiles remained nestled all snug in their silos, and we had enough water and food.

It’s time to knock on the doors of all those bomb shelters in Arkansas and Montana and let them know that Y2K wasn’t the end of the world.

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Millennium’s coming!

Happy New YearBy Robert Gillis
Published in the Foxboro Reporter 1/1/1999

Like the other six billion folks on the planet, the new millennium has been on my mind lately. You can’t help it; we’re being bombarded with magazine articles, news reports, and even the New Year’s Eve news broadcast led with two stories: The new Eurodollar, and Y2K. So I thought I’d lead off this year with some thoughts about the upcoming New Year’s to end all New Year’s.

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Foxboro First Night says farewell

by Robert Gillis
Published in the Foxboro Reporter, 11/1998

It began in the summer of 1993. Oh, others had talked about it and kicked around the idea for a while, but the real beginnings were during that summer. Bob and Jane Webster — both veteran Jaycees and already active in the community — wanted Foxboro to have its very own First Night New Year’s event. No need to drive to Boston or Providence — right here in town there would be a non-alcoholic New Year’s celebration for the entire family.

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