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Whatever Happened to the Man of Steel? — My review of the 2013 Superman film

Henry Cavil Superman 03By Robert Gillis 7/2013

Usual disclaimer applies: Yeah, yeah, I more than understand that Superman is a fictional extraterrestrial comic book character who flies and shoots fire from his eyes. Usual retort to said disclaimer applies: While he never existed, Superman is also an iconic mythical character who has served as a heroic inspiration for millions, made a positive difference in the world for 75 years; he is the ultimate father figure, the ultimate role model, and the ultimate action hero, and a great force of good.

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Superman Returns Review

After nearly two decades, the Man of Steel is back!

Superman Returns Review

Published in edited form in the Foxboro Reporter June 2006
and in the Boston City Paper in edited form in two parts June and July 2006

By Robert Gillis


Superman is far more than a comic book character.

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Letter I wrote to DC Comics when Superman died

Here’s an oldie but a goodie, the only letter I ever wrote to DC Comics (back when they had letter columns). This was in response to the Death of Superman, in 1993…

Dear DC:

This is a letter that I have been meaning to write for a long time. Now that Superman has died, this is a letter that will never see print. That makes me a little sad; I would have loved to get a letter in a Superman letter column.

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