More Superman Silver Age Physics!

by Robert Gillis, who had nothing better to do

What was so special about the silver age of comic books? Read about it HERE
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In a recent podcast of “From Crisis to Crisis, A Superman Podcast,” Mike and Jeffrey called our attention to this Silver Age Gem: From Superman #145, May, 1961. Another example of Superman being a little too powerful in the Silver Age   Since SUNLIGHT powers  one of the members of an interplanetary circus that is causing a kerfuffle in Metroplolis, Superman cancels out the green guy’s power by {wait for it}  pushing the MOON out of its of its orbit (thank God that the moon’s gravitation pull has absolutely NO effect on Earth whatsoever) so he can create an eclipse that will {wait for it} cut off all sunlight from the Earth.  {Um, anyone else remember that the Moon isn’t big enough to cut off ALL sunlight across the entire planet Earth?}  Thank goodness that twenty five years later they didn’t have Superman doing the exact same thing in Superman IV: The Quest For Peace in 1987!  Oh, um, wait.    Superman later apologized to the former residents of every coastal area on Earth.

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