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I started Gillis Photos in 2005 to share my unique view of New England, particularly Boston, where I grew up, and work, across Massachusetts, a state with incredible history and vistas, and New Hampshire and Maine, places of peace and beauty that have become second homes. I’m not another guy who slapped together a web site and uploaded a bunch of images shot on a camera phone. While I am not a career photographer, I love photography, and when people started buying them for books, calendars, and just to enjoy, I created this site. Gillis Photos is not my full time job (I’ve been a professional computer geek since 1988, web designer since 1998, a published columnist since 1996, and a published author since 2005) but photography has become my passion. I offer you the opportunity to check out my unique photographic perspective. Take a look, and you will soon find that somewhere in this expanding, 3000+ catalog of images is the one that is perfect for you — perfect for framing, perfect for your multimedia presentation, web site, or other use. My prices are far more reasonable than the stock agencies, and my license fee per photo is $25.00. You just can’t beat that price for the perfect image! Welcome. Browse. Enjoy! Check out Gillis Photos HERE

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Gillis Photos operates on an incredible software called KTOOLS PHOTOSTORE. I’ve been a professional computer programmer for nearly 20 years. When was launched in early 2005, everything was created with a mix of Perl scripts to generate pieces of HTML code. Not rocket science, but adding galleries, new pages and photos was tedious and time consuming. Photostore proved to be a Godsend. With KTOOLS PHOTOSTORE, customization is easy, updates and changes are a breeze, and adding photos and galleries is simple. In addition, KTOOLS PHOTOSTORE has hundreds of features designed specifically for photo sellers. KTOOLS PHOTOSTORE allows me to concentrate on photography rather than coding and scripting. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!

Sell Photos Online With PhotoStore

These are my first videos of some of my favorite images from my photo site,, which I’ve created and uploaded to YouTube. Check them out!









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