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Review: RENT at the Orpheum Foxboro

by Robert Gillis, published in the Boston City Paper 2/2010

[Full disclosure: This is not a paid review, I just thought it would be nice to write a review about the extraordinary performance of RENT, playing here in Foxboro at the Orpheum Foxboro — no one asked me to do this.]

During the “Halloween Song” of the stage production of the play, “RENT,” one of the characters wonders, “How could a night so frozen be so scalding hot?” The question was perfectly timed last Friday night: Outside, the arctic tundra of a Massachusetts January evening had frozen everything solid, yet inside the Orpheum Foxboro; a scalding, scorching presentation of RENT was being enjoyed by an enraptured audience.

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Eulogy for Bob Shea, our beloved friend

This is the eulogy that I wrote for Bob and read at his funeral.

How do you summarize and eulogize such a magnificent human being and a life so very, very well lived? How do you properly celebrate someone so extraordinary who not only gave, and gave, and gave, but more importantly — inspired others to do the same, all the while supporting a family and holding down numerous jobs?

No matter what gets written, and what gets spoken, it can’t measure up, or do justice to, the legacy of Bob “Papa” Shea.

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