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Schoolyard bullying is no right of passage

By Robert Gillis Originally published in the Foxboro Reporter, 1/2005, rewritten and updated for 4/2010 publication, and also published in the Boston City Paper, 4/2010.

The sound is so loud that his brain can’t comprehend what is happening. The window is exploding, shattering, coming toward him. Glass—glass everywhere. There’s no metaphor to describe it; it’s just horribly, painfully, incomprehensibly loud. The moment is so traumatic that his brain can’t process it. It doesn’t make sense. All he knows is absolute terror.

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Homework in summer? Let kids be kids

by Robert Gillis
Published in The Foxboro Reporter and the Boston City Paper 8/2009

The “Back to School” sales are in full force, despite the face that kids were out of school for just a few weeks and the last Independence Day fireworks had barely fizzled.

Now, there are many that would argue that school should be a year-round event and that summer vacations tend to dull students. There is more than a grain of truth to that notion — after all, two months of brains baking in the sun tend to cloud even the sharpest minds, and September can be a difficult readjustment, sort of like a month of Mondays.

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FOUL launguage! – A tribute to Father Lawrance Corcoran

by Robert Gillis
Published in The Foxboro Reporter April 1999 and the Boston City Paper 9/2007

Brace yourselves, I’m starting off today’s column with some very foul words.Accolade. Opulent. Arbitrary. Recalcitrant. Bombastic. Cacophony.

Here’s a myriad (foul) of foul words: Enigma. Ennui. Faux pas. Garrulous. Pensive. Gregarious. Nuance. And how about the most fowl: quell. Querulous. Quixotic.

So by now you’re probably thinking I’m crazy, but that’s already been established and it really a discussion for another time.

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