By Robert Gillis
Published in the Foxboro Reporter 4/2008

I’ve known Bob Hickey for 15 years, both as member of the Foxboro Jaycees and also as a friend.

When he was president of the chapter, I was struck by his attention to detail, his command of seemingly every area of governing our organization, and his good nature and sense of humor, both which served him well to keep things running smoothly and to resolve problems. His enthusiasm at Jaycee events was contagious.

In his role as Selectman these six years, Bob has brought his obvious love for Foxboro to Town Hall and has compiled an exceptionally impressive resume of accomplishment. If you observe him at town meeting, you will see he is often the facilitator, the peacemaker, the voice of reason. His no-nonsense, common-sense approach to governing Foxboro has paid off handsomely and he continues to demonstrate a command of seemingly every aspect of managing this town, and does his homework to get all sides of the complex issues. Be it the dog park, sewer system questions, Patriot Place, Chestnut Green, balancing the budget, discussing liquor store violations or a fallen tree, Bob is thoughtful, compassionate, and treats people with respect. He leads, he inspires others to lead and participate, and knows what to delegate and to whom, and expresses confidence in the people.

If you watched Bob on the Candidates Night Broadcast, you might have noticed he used no notes to make any of his speeches or statements, and presented facts, figures, names and dates with an ease that makes it clear this man not only knows the information, he cares about the town. You don’t need notes when you’re intimately familiar with the details.

Having Bob Hickey as one of our Selectman is very good for Foxboro.

So I ask you to join me in voting for Bob Hickey for Selectman on May 5 — and allow this impressive leader to continue his exceptional work for the town of Foxboro.

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