by Robert Gillis
Published on the front page of the Boston City Paper 1/2008 and updated 5/2008

A City Paper Salute

I thought I’d begin today on a good note and say thank you to a remarkable man whose name I do not know.

The regular Amtrak announcer at South Station in Boston has a sweet voice, and in addition to the regular departure / arrival schedule, he nearly always says some kind words for the harried commuters.

Here was the offering this morning: “Goooood morning, good morning, all you beautiful people. It’s kind of chilly today, and it’s Monday, but it’s going to be a great day. It’s time to make the donuts, and somebody’s gotta do it, so have a great day.”

Whenever he’s on duty, you can count on his optimistic and uplifting messages.

These little “pick-me-ups” from this man make my day every time I hear them, and he has the ability to bring a smile to us on the most bitterly cold winter mornings. Whoever you are, please know that once again, you made my (and many other commuter’s) day a lot brighter! Thank you!

Update, May 28, 2008: It’s 6:45pm at South Station and I hear a very familiar voice — I turn around and there is a smiling man in a commuter rail sweater. His name is Manny and he has a kind face and gentle demeanor and I shook his hand and told him much I (and so many others) appreciate his wonderful messages “Good morning all you beautiful people! Here we go!” He smiled and touched his heart and said “You’ve made my day!” and I told him he makes OUR day and it is so appreciated. I mentioned the article I wrote in the Boston City paper and he said someone had passed him a copy — I said I was so happy he’d seen it. Manny is a person who makes a difference to thousands of people every day — I’m so happy to finally meet him, shake his hand and said thank you! What a great guy!

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