Moon declares warby Robert Gillis, who really has too much time on his hands.

Lunar officials declared war on Earth early Friday morning after NASA launched a preemptive strike on Cabeus Crater, home to thousands of Moonies, Moonites, and Moon-Units.

CNN had reported that NASA engineers crashed a rocket and a satellite into the moon’s surface on Friday morning in a $79 million mission, to supposedly “kick up enough dust to find whether there is any water in the moon’s soil.”

Citizens of the Moon condemned the story as a cover-up by NASA to mask the real plot and intentions.

The moon news service, TMA-1, reported that the Centaur upper-stage rocket impacted the moon shortly after 7:30 a.m. EDT (27:11 Moon Standard Time), and the satellite followed it four minutes later, destroying the Moon’s capital city and injuring thousands of Moonites.

Lunar leaders called the attack, “A new day of infamy” and promised a swift response, as soon as the moon people develop space travel and modern technology.

Experts (Wikipedia) report that Cabeus crater lies in permanent shadow, making observations inside the crater difficult, and is home to several secret UFO bases.


CNN story of NASA Moon Strike October 9, 2009
CNN story of NASA Moon Strike October 9, 2009
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