Foxboro Jaycees and the Easter Bunny
Foxboro Jaycees and the Easter Bunny

By Robert Gillis

Published in the Foxboro Reporter 4/2006

Despite a very busy schedule of coloring eggs and making Easter baskets, the Easter Bunny made time to visit the children of Foxboro this past Sunday, after a rain delay Saturday forced the event’s postponement.

The Foxboro Jaycees once again brought the bunny to Foxboro Common in their annual spring event. Under a gorgeous blue sky that thankfully kept temperatures comfortable, the children collected candy-filled multi-colored eggs and then had their picture taken with their furry friend.

The Jaycee Easter Egg hunt is one of the Jaycees favorite community development events. Co-Chairman Jennifer and Greg Widmer report that over three thousand (yes, three thousand) eggs were stuffed with candy and treats last week.

The Easter Egg Hunt chairmen and their helpers — Kathy Brady, Sandy Emery, Tom Whiffen, David Fisler, Monica Fisler, Monica Rigamonti, Bob Gillis, and Wendy Kerchoff, worked an assembly line of stuffing pastel-colored eggs with over 90 pounds of wrapped treats last week.

Early Sunday afternoon, the Widmers and their team — Mark Emery, Sandy Emery, Julia (Sandy’s niece), Tom Whiffen, David Fisler, Monica Fisler, Monica Rigamonti, Amy Correia, Victoria Kerchoff, Bob Gillis and Casey Gallagher cordoned off four areas for different age groups, and then spread the eggs on the thankfully snow-free ground.

Interestingly, Jaycee Wendy Kerchoff, who was supposed to attend the event, vanished just before the arrival of the Easter Bunny, and mysteriously reappeared right afterward, saying she was sorry she missed the bunny. Also interestingly, the Easter Bunny seemed to share a very special bond with Wendy’s daughter Victoria … For any children who might be reading this, we’ll leave it at that but we will say that the Easter Bunny did a wonderful job and we were so happy to have her!

The Easter Bunny emerged from the Foxboro Fire Station at 1 sharp, to loud cheers. The bunny made her way to the designated age areas to supervise the hunts, and then posed for pictures. The Jaycees took over 90 pictures and estimate the crowd at over 200.

The Foxboro Jaycees are grateful to the selectmen for allowing use of the Common, to the Fire Department for allowing a certain Jaycee to make her transformation to Bunny, to the volunteers who helped, and especially to the people of Foxboro who attended the event.

We wish everyone a very happy Easter!

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