jaycee-street-signs-00by Robert Gillis
Published in The Foxboro Reporter 4/2004

I have been a Jaycee for 12 years, on the board for five, and its webmaster forever, and I have an inside perspective about the Foxboro Jaycees that I would like to share.

The Jaycees remain incredibly active. Just two weeks ago, we had our Easter Egg Hunt on the Common. The week before, the Blue Wave was out in force to help with the Doolittle Auction. Two active Jaycees are members of that committee. Currently, the mother’s day and father’s day essays contests are being judged by the Jaycees, we have more bands signed up for the upcoming free concerts than any other year, family night planning has begun, and Founders day planning is in full force. In December alone we sold Christmas trees, lit up the Common, set up the nativity set, brought Santa for a visit, created fruit baskets for the discretionary fund, gave out New year baby gifts, visited a woman’s shelter, sang Christmas carols on the common and at Doolittle

We are actively involved with the Herculean project of electrifying Foxboro Common. You also might have seen our three teams at the Pallandino spelling bee.

Our last haunted house at Camp Lincoln Hill was one of our best ever and more than 7000 people attended. (We will miss being able to use the camp and hope to find a new location to haunt this year!)

We continue to give out thousands – yes, thousands – of donations to local groups and individuals, as well as scholarships.

As Jaycee webmaster, I’m updating our web site nearly every day. We’re that active. We’re that busy. Our meeting agendas are two pages long. With over 115 members (10 more joined in October) we are so on the go and on the move that it’s hard to catch your breath sometimes.

Not to mention all that the Jaycees offer to its own members – volleyball, book club, wellness, game nights, skydiving, and so much more.

Like any group of people, like any family, we have our quirks, our politics, our good days and our bad.

But the Foxboro Jaycees are united in their mission to make this community a better place and create leaders (and lasting friendships). I thank God for the Foxboro Jaycees and I am so honored to be counted among its membership.

The Foxboro Jaycees are more alive, more vibrant, more determined, and more energetic, than ever. No where is there more in evidence than the recent bylaw change to lower the joining age from 21 to 18 – National Jaycees did so because of the overwhelming desire by those under 21 to make a difference! We already have two members under the age of 21 – and you wouldn’t believe the number of folks who help us out at the haunted house and other events! Volunteerism is strong!

May begins the Jaycee year, and this month we will be swearing in our new board; along with some familiar faces there will be new members with their own ideas and opinions – that’s what makes every year different, every year better.

In closing, I would like to include this quote from Jack Authelet, which he wrote in this paper last year after the Doolittle Auction: “The Foxboro Jaycees … responded in a manner that can only be described in one word – total. There was an immediate infusion of man-hours almost beyond calculation. Whatever the need, there was someone to fill it. Whatever the cost, a way to meet it. Whatever the hurdle, a leap to get over it … With their unique combination of youth and energy, the Jaycees are everywhere as one detects a commonality of theme as members tend to be drawn to those projects that speak to the quality of life.”

That’s our nature. That’s who and what we are. The Jaycees are thriving, stronger than ever, and ready to continue our good work. But don’t take my word for it. Visit. Come to one of our meetings. We meet every 2nd Wednesday of the month at the Foxboro Community Center at 7:30.

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