by Robert Gillis
May 16, 2020, 2…, maybe 3 A.M.?

i think it was the guy who said sunshine kills COVID-19 that finally pushed me over the edge.

You just cannot debate with stupid people.

People have different opinions, cool. Don’t agree with me, no problem. We can talk all night.

But I am a huge fan of reality, facts, and science.

I will no longer engage the people or argue just for the sake of argument, the trolls who insist that the sun is neither hot nor bright, just to kick the hornet’s nest.

I’m done with that.

No more trips down the rabbit hole.

The art of *conversation* online is dead.

I am done wasting my time with online people (trolls) who just argue because they just argue.

My opinion is no better than yours, nor is yours better than mine; most of us just want to talk, have a debate, a conversation, even a verbal joust. These can be invigorating and we can both learn so much, gain perspective, and think of things in new ways.

I am *tired* of online people hurting people for no reason.

I am done enabling and engaging the online trolls. Their poison is contagious. While I take FULL ownership for what I say, I at least had the balls when necessary to recognize when I was the one being the jerk and apologize for my behavior and try to make it right.

But there are others — so many, so lost in their own toxic way of dealing with people and their own self-importance — that their entire agenda seems to be to spread chaos and discord.

I’m sick of the arguments, the debates, the hostility, the holier than thou attitudes, and all too aware how easily *I* can fall when I inhale too much of their venom.

So, I am leaving. Erased all my years of posts in those Facebook groups and sites, grabbed my coat, thanked you all for inviting me to the party, but I really must be going and I’ve left the groups. Hoping I can continue to make a positive difference in the real world.

Can’t take the online chats and discussion groups seriously anymore — too much pain and anger there. Too much hurt. Go ahead, insist that water isn’t wet — let my silence be my response.

Too many trolls.

To all the good people; thank you for the pleasure of your company and fantastic talks. Be well!

To all trolls: Have fun storming the castle.

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