by Robert Gillis
Published in the Foxboro Reporter 4/2010

Despite a very busy schedule of coloring eggs and making Easter baskets, the Easter Bunny made time to visit the children of Foxboro this past Saturday.

The Foxboro Jaycees once again brought the bunny to Foxboro Common in their annual spring event. Under rather cool temperatures but a gorgeous blue sky, the children collected candy-filled multi-colored eggs and then had their free picture taken with their furry friend.

An estimated 250 children gathered by age groups and on a cue from the bunny, burst into their section to collect eggs in a frenzy from the thankfully snow-free ground. The Jaycees also had extra eggs in reserve for the youngsters who were not able to collect any eggs, or who might be afraid of a certain large rabbit.

After the hunts, the bunny made her way to the bandstand for pictures. Many parents brought their own cameras and the Jaycees were happy to provide free images as well.

Interestingly, Jaycee Wendy Kerchoff, who was supposed to attend the event, vanished just before the arrival of the Easter Bunny, and mysteriously reappeared right afterward, saying she was sorry she missed the bunny. Also interestingly, the Easter Bunny seemed to share a very special bond with Wendy’s daughter Victoria, who assisted the bunny.

The annual Jaycee Easter Egg hunt is one of the Jaycees’ favorite community development events. Jaycee Paul Lanza, who assisted with both aspects of the project, reported that over 2500 (yes, two thousand five hundred!) plastic eggs were stuffed with candy and treats last week.

Monica and David Fisler, the project chairmen, and their helpers worked an assembly line of stuffing pastel-colored eggs with over 90 pounds of wrapped treats last Thursday, and on Saturday morning four areas of Foxboro Common were sectioned off with colorful tape to give each age group a chance to collect their eggs.

Speaking for the group, Monica Fisler said the Jaycees are grateful to the selectmen for allowing use of the Common, and to all the Jaycee volunteers who helped.

Andrea Cummings added the Jaycees’ thanks to all the parents who brought their kids down on such a cold morning to see the bunny. Cummings’ sister Deena, who is in the National Guard serving in Iraq, chaired the project last year and Andrea wanted to make sure Deena knew that, “We remembed the caramel bulls-eyes candy this year!”

Jaycee Monica Rigamonti summed it up by saying, “We wish everyone a very Happy Easter!”

This is not part of the Reporter story — Jaycee Paul Lanza shared this very funny story from that morning. Note: The boy he’s talking about is Bryden Kerchoff.

Paul says: “So, Fiz gets me around 9:50 & asks if I’d keep all the 4-5 year old kids out of the egg area until it was time to start. A young boy wanders within the rope bounds so I walk over to him.

“You know you have to wait over there past the rope” I said. He acts like he didn’t hear me & continues to wander around all the eggs.

“You are going to have to go over there,” I repeat pointing to the other side of the rope. Again, he acts as if I’m not there. I continue, “Where are your Mom or Dad?”

I begin to guide him toward the rope and say, “You’ll have to wait over here until the Easter Bunny arrives.”

He looks up at me and says, “My Mom IS the Easter Bunny!!”

I just laughed & laughed… For a long time!”

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