October, 2020

I’ve wrapped up Star Trek: Picard last night. Liked it very much, more than I thought I would. In some ways I felt it was a bit padded. Too many character sub-plots, too many story lines — would have been much better with, say, five or six episodes rather than 10.

Acting, cast, special effects all great; the story is a convoluted and even hard to follow at times but the payoff in the final episode (Picard and Data saying good-bye) was worth it and seeing the Rikers again also poignant. Data’s death in “Nemesis” has far more meaning after watching “Picard.”

On a geeky note; good to know the Prime Universe does continue along with the Kelvin timeline. 🙂

The idea of Picard trying to assist the Romulans before the destruction of their planet — and the synth’s 9/11 style attack on the Mars ship yards killing 98,000 people (and the evacuation fleet) was a brilliant story concept — and the idea that Picard would resign from Starfleet when they refused to help, calling Starfleet’s refusal to further assist “criminal,” — WOW — that was daring writing for Trek and a welcome change from the “perfect” world of Trek.

Like the casting of the new crew very much; particularly Raffi — would have loved to see her as XO aboard the Enterprise-E with Picard. Also thought the inclusion of Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine was organic to the plot and not fan service.

Isa Briones, who played Dahj and Soji, was EXCELLENT.

Not sure how I feel about the whole “Picard is a Synth after his death” thing but all in all a very compelling, well written story that greatly advances the Trek universe and came up with some intriguing concepts and character development.

I just feel the whole thing could have had been more effective with a few hours edited out for a double-movie length feature. Definitely recommended watching but not picking up the DVD; one viewing is good on this one for me. 🙂

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