by Robert Gillis
Published on social media July 18, 2020

So I debated for some time posting but I think this needs to be said. I am going to be intentionally vague here so as not to identify anyone or business. I will NOT say who it is or the business name, do not ask. If you know her PLEASE do not post her name. It was a not a restaurant and no food was involved BTW.

In the last 10 days, I went to a place of business here in town. Not saying what or where.

The person behind the counter who waited on me had obviously been crying. I know this person and see her there often. She is a sweetheart and always professional.

As we talked, she told me what happened (this was two hours before) — Turns out that as she waited on a customer, for a brief moment, her mask slipped a little and her nose popped out. She immediately placed it back. No harm done. Happens to all of us.

The customer went ballistic on her and just demolished her, asked for someone else to finish the transaction, speak to the manager, etc. Manager apologized to the customer.

AFTER the transaction was concluded, customer THEN goes THERMONUCLEAR and as described went from anger level 2 to 10. You know those videos online where the person goes absolutely ape-shit? It was along those lines but worse.

To that customer – *** and they KNOW your name and who you are, by the way *** YOU are the problem.

We are ALL hurting, scared, lonely, confused, angry these days, but for you to DEMOLISH a person who is working at a business during a pandemic so that YOU can get what YOU need — what you screamed and yelled is just EVIL.

We have ALL had our crazy moments, especially lately, but you deeply hurt a really kind person who is on the front lines providing service and YOU went BALLISTIC on her because of a mask that slipped for a moment. This person is always kind to everyone. And today, your temper tantrum and attack HURT her deeply.

She’s not family, but I care about that person. A lot of people do. She is a sweetheart and SO hard working and how dare YOU, TERRIBLE customer, do what you did. Two hours later this woman is trying to regroup from your onslaught.

We are ALL hurting right now and we’re all a little crazy, but that is NO excuse for you destroying someone over a mask slip.

Customer: When you calm down, and get your head on straight, take a lot of deep breaths and respectfully, get your ass back to that business and ask for forgiveness from her. And don’t ever do that again. And please note that what you did WAS captured by the cameras.

And to that person behind the counter — you are cared about, you are loved. You are a good person and professional and it’s always great to see you. Unfortunately had to wait on someone from the ninth circle of hell. YOU did nothing wrong. The manager agrees with that. YOU are AWESOME. Please know that this evening you are in my thoughts and prayers that this horrible experience will fade quickly — most of us understand the pressure of working behind a counter, especially in 2020.

I just wanted to tell that person behind the counter, WE CARE. And to that customer: MAKE IT RIGHT.

I would also respectfully ask that anyone who knows who I am talking about not comment with her name, please, she has been through enough.

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