By Robert Gillis

I would like to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to all the poll workers at the Foxboro Ahern School – our voting location — on Super Tuesday. It’s always pleasant to go to the polling place and see so many familiar faces working there each year.

The poll worker’s job is not an easy one. It requires so much hard work that begins long before voting day. Then, voting day starts SO early, and they are there ALL day, ensuring integrity and accuracy of the process, resolving issues. Then, after the polls close, the other work beings – counting, the double and triple checks for accuracy and assurance that everything is done according to the law and process, the reporting of results…

It’s a lot — and we appreciate you.

Be it a May Foxboro election for select board/school committee, or a special election, or referendum question, vote for senator or governor, or like this week, a primary, our Foxboro poll workers are excellent. So professional, so informed, these great people are so dedicated in what is a tough job even in the best of times.

Also appreciated is the smile, the greeting, and also being so helpful and answering the many questions people have.

So – to everyone who works at the Foxboro polls on any voting day, THANK YOU! You are appreciated!


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