Census data for 10 Trull 1930s-1960

Thanks to Face Book friend Bill Howe, I found census records for Trull Street that lists everyone who was living at Nana’s house at 10 Trull from the 1930s. Evanga Bowen (also a nurse, as we believed) lived there at least a decade with her family, and as expected there is no listing for anyone living at the house in 1938, coordinating exactly with the foreclosure that year.
Nana and Momma are listed in 1939 (the book was published each year on January 1 to include the previous year’s data) and shows that indeed Momma lived with Nana for several years.
The census notes the arrival of the McLaughlin’s in 1941, whom we believe wanted 10 Trull until Nana went to the bank and put her down payment in to secure the place as her own in 1941. Miss Ryan is mentioned, along with Davis, and many other people who lived there. As the census only counted people over the age of 20, my dad is not mentioned until much later. It sure makes for fascinating reading and I’ll bet if nana could see these names, she’d have quite a few stories to tell!