Gus Newsstand Uphams Corner


In the book, I mentioned how Nana and I often stopped at Gus’s Newsstand after we shopped for the paper and Detective magazines.  Gus’s Newsstand was an institution in Uphams Corner for over 50 years.

Nanci Stolar ( who is the granddaughter of Gus Lewis from Gus’s news stand, was kind enough to contact me and send me two images along with some information about Gus.

Nanci writes: “He ran the stand for approximately 50 years. In 1977 it moved to the Uphams Corner News and Smoke Shop. Some time in the early 80’s I believe he stopped working in the area to take care of my grandmother. They lived in Brighton.  He died in 1990 at 81 years old.”

Nanci, thank you so much for your kindness.  May your grandfather rest in peace.  Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece of Uphams Corner history with me.