Anne Gillis [no relation]

“I finished reading your book a few weeks back but was delayed in writing you as my third and last brother passed away following surgery. In recalling the life of your beloved Nana Anne, the first thought that came to my mind was your recall of events that you were involved in which spanned so many years and your ability to draw on the past which occurred long before you were born. Second thought was your steadfast devotion which had to take its toll on you especially when you were a college student and juggling studies, work and caring for your Nana Anne.

I can understand your depression after she passed away and I wonder if your Nana didn’t suffer from depression herself, as she was a person who was so motivated in her first half century on this earth and then, as many people do seem to do, fail to take comfort in the memories of the past and the family who were so close, and just slide into a funk. I felt sad for you and even sadder for her.

I feel indeed blessed that in nearing my 85th birthday, and widowed at age 57, I have been able to be independent, in fact I take pride in that and live alone in the 17th century home which was scheduled for demolition when we bought it in 1948. My 2 sons stop by and call, as do my grandsons who live in the area. The day may come when I will need to rely on them, but it is my hope the day is far in future.

I have friends who have no support family and I feel for them. Your Nana Anne Gillis was indeed blessed.

You’ll love Cape Breton. Don’t wait too long as it is slowly losing its uniqueness. ”

— Anne Gillis [no relation] Westbridgewater, Mass.