Dolores Fineberg

“I’ve finally got my hands on a copy of your book from Coles.

I have to say I could not wait to comment on it until I was finished. I have not been able to put it down! It just draws you into the story and life as if you were having a cup of tea and reminiscing
about a family member.

What grabs me most, Robert, is your down to earth honesty. It shows how human we all can be and we love and forgive each other in spite of our shortcomings.
You really “got” what your grandmother was all about at a young age.

Your writing style makes me feel like I am opening a front door, going in and sitting in front of a crackling fire.

I will give you my final analysis when I finish, which at this rate will be very soon.


Hi Robert,

I am writing, as I promised, to give you complete feedback now that I have finished your book. Well done! I was not disappointed.

What a wonderful journey you shared through your days with your Nana. I cannot believe the devotion you showed her by your visits and helping her around the house as your father had done.

That you also had frustrating moments with her, made it all the more honest and human. You did not put yourself up on a pedestal and told it as it really was.

I admired your Grandmother Anne’s strength of character and compassion for the elderly. That came through so strong in your book and it was obviously a trait she was able to pass along to you. It must have been so hard being a single Mom in those days and difficult to show her son love. Although you could tell she loved your Dad in her own way. She reminded me of my Mom in that sense.

The book was very therapeutic for me actually, which surprised me.

What really touched me the most is family helping family and you allowing your Nana to talk of old days gone by. That’s hard to do when you are young. My 23 year old daughter rolls her eyes at me and my son just commented the other day how every story begins with died dead, or obituary LOL.

I always loved my elders telling stories.

Genealogy is a game of patience and I enjoy every step of the way and love helping find something for someone not related to me. It is very fulfilling.

I am proud to have your book in my collection . Who knows maybe we link somewhere along the line. I had a Christy Macphee, actually married to a Peter Gillis. She also moved to the states.

Take care Robert.”

— Dolores Fineberg, Cape Breton, NS