Wendy Kerchoff

“Please bear with me as it is hard to see the computer screen through my tears! I apologize for any typos that may occur because of it!

What a beautiful story. It was a wonderful “peek” into your life, and I appreciate that! It takes courage to open up your life like that, not only to the people that know you, but to the people you have never met before. Not everyone can do that! I don’t think I could!

Your book touched me in so many ways. I lost my Nana Ann in February of 1996. She was a lot like your Nana. A real spitfire of a lady. Independent, strong willed… only my Nana’s mouth was rough; she could have made a truck driver blush with what came out! Your book made me reflect on MY relationship with her, what did I really know about her life? She didn’t talk much about her childhood or her life. In the last few years of her life she would tell us stories that would make our head’s swirl … one of five kids. How I wish I had taken the time to get more stories from her. Tape record our visits as you did with your Nana.

Your book also got me thinking of my Nana Helen. She is 84 years old and lives only in Stoughton. Bob, I don’t see her enough, and your book made me realize how precious she is to me. How a simple ride only 15/20 minutes away is so easy for me to do! She won’t be there forever! So for that I thank you. I thank you because I vow here and now to spend more time with her. To take the kids over there for no reason at all but a hug and a cup of tea. She means so much to me; I’m not ready to give my time with her up.

Thank you Bob for a touching story. It was special. It made me cry… a lot! Your Nana would be so proud of you… although I have the feeling she already was! I’ve said it before Bob, you are an amazing writer. I enjoy reading your articles in the Reporter. You have such a sense of humor that I truly enjoy! I look forward to another book someday… I’m so proud to have your book and to say that I know you!

Thank you again Bob… I enjoyed reading about your relationship with your Nana and all that you both encountered in life.

🙂 Wendy”

Wendy added this a few days later…

“And just so you know I wasn’t blowing fluff about spending time with my Nana Helen. I called her at 9:30 this morning and she came over and spent an hour with us. I told her it was just the beginning….


🙂 ”

— Wendy Kerchoff, Foxboro