Conversions, who lived where

Additional Information: Pa also lived with his daughter Mary for a time, but he was hit by a car, then he died, and Ma went with Jessie in Saugus.

Additional Information: Miss Ryan’s first name was Ellen and was a nice lady.
[Source: Jeannette MacVarish]

Correction? Nana studied nursing in Sydney (not Toronto).
[Source: Jeannette MacVarish]
I remember Nana telling me she studied in Toronto, but Jeanette may be correct.

Additional Information: The conversion that Father MacPherson speaks of in his letter refers to a person named Thompson who converted by Father Costello to Catholicism at Nana’s house. Jeannette was there and said it had been raining all day, and the sun came out as this woman converted.
[Source: Jeannette MacVarish]

Dad and Nana’s return to Glendale was in August 1958 — my guess was very close. Dad had served as an usher for his cousin Duncan MacVarish’s wedding at Saint Ignatius Church. Afterward, Nana and Dad joined Jeannette’s and her sister Mariah for a return trip to Glendale in Nana’s Ford. This was likely Dad’s only trip to Glendale. The trip takes about 16 hours from the Boston area.
[Source: Jeannette MacVarish]

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