Renting or buying

Clarification: My guess that Nana was renting 10 Trull Street when she first arrived was correct. She did indeed arrive in 1938. Franny was already living at 12 Trull with her family. The McLaughlins soon moved in to 4/6 Trull, next door to Nana. Nana brought Mrs. McLaughlin a casserole to welcome her to the neighborhood, and Mrs. McLaughlin said she didn’t want Nana’s charity. Nana told Mom that she met neighbors on the way back home and remarked that there would be trouble. Around 1941, Nana was making her rental payment at Dorchester Savings Bank and was told by one of the employees that the McLaughlins were trying to buy 10 Trull Street right out from under her. Nana said she wanted to buy the house and immediately made arrangements to do so.
[Source: Mom]

This explains a lot, including Nana repeatedly saying how kind the employees of Dorchester Savings Bank were to her. I also remember nana speaking about many fights with the McLaughlins. Although it should be noted that we remember son Billy McLaughlin and his sister Rose as very kind people. Dad and Billy were lifelong friends and Billy used to park his car in Nana’s garage for $10 a month.