Gillis family tree (Glendale/Maple Brook)

Thanks to the great work of Duncan Chisholm, we have over 80 pages of detailed information about the Gillis family tree, starting with Peter Gillis, Nana’s great-great grandfather, and the patriarch of the Gillis family.

Duncan Chisholm grew up in Port Hood, Inverness County, Cape Breton.  Following High School in Port Hood, he attended St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, where he took a Pre-Engineering course and later graduated from Nova Scotia Tech in Halifax as a Mechanical Engineer.

His working years were spent mainly in the Newsprint Industry in Quebec, Tanzania, France and British Columbia with short stints in Chile and Indonesia. He has 5 grown children and is now retired in Brossard, Province of Quebec.

The Family Tree came about due to curiosity re his Scottish roots and simply grew to where it is today.

I am very grateful for this comprehensive record, and that Duncan used the “Nana” book as one of its sources.   Duncan has requested that any questions or corrections be sent to him directly at his email, Duncan adds, “you should be aware that my email address is Duncan Chisholm in Gaelic.”

You can read or download the family tree by CLICKING HERE