Jessie McLennon Gillis

My name is Ann Thomashay, aka AnnMarie Gillis. I am the granddaughter of Jessie McLennon and John Gillis of Rockland, MA–USA.
Jessie had 10 kids. 5 boys, 5 girls … Alex, Florence, Mary, Margaret (Markey), John, Neil (my dad), Donald, Theresa, Joseph and Patsy. Alex died in the War at 21, and my father (Neil John Gillis Sr.), died April 13, 2006.

Mary, Markey, John, Theresa have also passed.

Florence, Patsy, Joe and Donald (Wishy) are still alive. Florence lives in the family home in Rockland, Patsy Burns aka Patsy Gillis lives in Rockland; while Donald and Joe live in Florida.

Gramma Gillis did die in a home in 1995, Mildred Alford Nursing Home. John Gillis died in the late forties, he got hit by a car, I believe.

Gramma Jessie was a strong lady and loved her kids. She was built like a brick sh*house as my dad would say…4’10”, a barrel of tough, but very sweet and quiet. She was a widow with her hands full, but she did good, of course, half were grown up.

I hope, wherever you are, and were raised, your family was half as much fun as mine! They were rednecks from the woods, with very little education but they had a mess of kids and a boat load of grandchildren, me being one of them. We had a lot of gatherings and a lot of love. We/they were very close, almost odd to families now days.

We are all kind of scattered now but we all remain Gillis’ and stay in touch.
My mom and family would love to know more about the other family members and how theirs lives turned out.

Take care, and thanks for your help with the info!