I started Gillis Photos in 2005 to share my unique view of New England, particularly Boston, where I grew up, and work. I’m not another guy who slapped together a web site and uploaded a bunch of images shot on a camera phone. While I am not a career photographer, I love photography, and when people started buying them for books, calendars, and just to enjoy, I created this site. Gillis Photos is not my full time job (I’ve been a professional computer geek since 1988, web designer since 1998, a published columnist since 1996, and a published author since 2005) but photography has become my passion. I offer you the opportunity to check out my unique photographic perspective. Take a look, and you will soon find that somewhere in this expanding, 3000+ catalog of images is the one that is perfect for you — perfect for framing, perfect for your multimedia presentation, web site, or other use. My prices are far more reasonable than the stock agencies, and my license fee per photo is $25.00. You just can’t beat that price for the perfect image! Welcome. Browse. Enjoy! Check out Gillis Photos HERE

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