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An historical quest fulfilled: Finding the Willey Family of Crawford Notch

By Robert Gillis
Published [full text] in the Boston City paper, 9/2015 and the Foxboro Reporter [Edited for print, full text on web site] 10/2015

Recently, my nephew Colin made me very proud when he successfully completed his own historical quest. By using research and deductive reasoning, and by his own cleverness and persistence, he solved a mystery of sorts.

To clarify why this is important, I need to first explain that my family has been traveling to the White Mountains area of New Hampshire (specifically, North Conway / Bartlett / Glen) since I was a little boy.

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Why memories can be discarded, but never thrown away

by Robert Gillis
Published in the Foxboro Reporter, 7/1996

38_dadThe cellar was piled with things my father had discarded, but just couldn’t bear to throw away. Dad’s anniversary was last week, and once again I pause to reflect on how different my life is without. 12 years have passed since he lost his terrible battle with cancer. And as I grew older I find myself missing him.

For some reason, it was here in my grandmother’s house, particularly in this cellar, that I remember him most.

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