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Statue of Liberty Visit Inspires Hope

Statue of Liberty - GillisPhotos.comBy Robert Gillis
Published in the Foxboro Reporter and Boston City Paper May, 2008

It’s a perfect, 60 degree Saturday, and Sue and I, along with her cousin Angela headed to the Apple for a New York adventure.

Our first stop was the Staten Island Ferry at Battery Park. Neither of the girls has ever been to the Statue of Liberty, and today we arrived early and took it all in — the guys dressed up as the Statue of Liberty (complete with green makeup) posing for pictures with tourists.

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Bad Day in New York, 1998

New York City Hatsby Robert Gillis
Published in the Foxboro Reporter, 1998

(This was written before September 11, 2001. Back in 1998, I took a trip to New York — the second of my life — and these were my impressions. The New York I visited a week after 9/11 was very different, and the New York I visited years later was much friendlier — but here’s what happened when I visited the Apple in 1998)

Recently I had the opportunity to venture to the Apple on business and explore a small chunk of the great metropolis that is New York City.

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