This image appeared on most of our Pancake Breakfast advertising for many years!
This image appeared on most of our Pancake Breakfast advertising for many years!

by Robert Gillis
Published in The Foxboro Reporter March 1999

Last year’s Foxboro Jaycee pancake breakfast brought some personal reflection. It seemed that my 1998 Reporter article persuading all to come attend this wonderful annual event had painted the Jaycees as maybe just a little TOO happy and a little TOO organized.

“Perfect synchronicity,” was the I term used, I believe.

Sure, the group has seemingly endless energy and does great things for Foxboro, but my description of the perfect, joyful harmony and absolutely clockwork motions of all involved got me a lot a ribbing. In going back and re-reading that article, I have to agree – it was over the top. I don’t think Santa’s elves are as happy and organized and I made the Jaycees out to be that day. I guess my enthusiasm got the best of me.  But I love the Jaycees and what we do!

And to be honest – despite the fact the event is hard work, and that we all have other lives and other things to do on a Sunday morning, the Jaycees always put in a fine effort to make the annual pancake breakfast a success each year, and the fact that over 1500 meals get served in record time with minimal fuss is pretty impressive.

Also, it is enjoyable. There are a lot of laughs, jokes, and good times for all, both in and out of the kitchen. As a bonus, this event helps a great cause. As you may know, all proceeds from the breakfast benefit Foxboro Youth Basketball, a program open to boys and girls ages of 8 to 18, that gives them an opportunity to learn and play the sport. The Jaycee Pancake Breakfast is the association’s biggest fund raiser, and money raised is used to offset costs such as school gym rental fees, uniforms, registration fees and trophies. Last year the Jaycees raised over $3,000 for the Basketball Association.

This year’s details are as follows: [Deleted since date has passed] in the Foxboro High School Cafeteria on South Street. Breakfast will be served from 7:30 am until noon. The all-you-can-eat menu will consist of pancakes, sausages, orange juice, milk and coffee. At the door admission is $4.00 per person, $3.00 for senior citizens and $1.00 for children under five years of age. Discount tickets for seniors and toddlers may be purchased at the event.
If you’ve attended before, you know this one’s fun. So c’mon down and bring the whole family. The food’s good and not expensive, company’s great and Foxboro Youth Basketball gets helped out, too. Newcomers: This is great way to get to meet your neighbors.

Hope to see you there!

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